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Daniel Dale On Trump, Bloomberg, And What “Off The Record” Really Means
"I think you can make an argument that the president should never be off the record. Everything he says is newsworthy."
A Closer Look At The Libel Notices Mike Bullard Served Three Journalists
We examine the merits of the claims and the likelihood the threats will result in the filing of actual lawsuits
Torstar Owns Company Running Dozens Of American Gun Forums
VerticalScope removed the full list of firearms-related properties from its site shortly after being contacted by CANADALAND.
Confessions Of A Former Toronto Star Intern
I fear the famed program ruined as many potential talents as it helped create.
Toronto Star Suspending Internship Programs Indefinitely
Other cuts announced Monday include the elimination of most travel by sports and entertainment reporters
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#151 You’d Think A Serial Killer Would Be A Bigger Deal
"The amount of silence on this was bizarre."
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#142 The Erotic Adventures of Bill Morneau
Bill Morneau tries to turn down the heat through tales of his spicy past, CBC takes a stand for landlord rights and Jagmeet Singh gets into slam poetry.
Why Recipes From Chefs Are A Food-Media Scam
When writing up recipes for the Star, I knew that what people were asking for wasn't what they really wanted.
An Awkward Conversation With The Author Of That “Halloween Ethno-police” Piece
There was something that didn’t quite track about Kate Jaimet’s story.
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#139 Distorted Sermon, Coercive Mattress
Quebec's Bill 62, the dangerous media manipulation of an imam's speech, Dalhousie's free speech controversy and a bizarre mattress saga that people are demanding we respond to.