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#37 A Jason Kenney-Sized Hole
Alberta Premier Jason Kenney was one of the heavyweights of Canada’s Conservative movement. We discuss his resignation and what it might tell us about conservatism today. Plus, Canada was left out of a major Indo-Pacific trade deal. Are we losing our place on the world stage?
The Backbench
#36 Is Canada Ready to Decriminalize Drugs?
Parliament is heading towards a vote on an NDP Private Member’s Bill that would decriminalize drug possession for personal use, among other changes to address Canada’s overdose crisis. The Liberals have also proposed a bill that would amend the Controlled Drug and Substances Act. Garth Mullins of the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users has been fighting for decriminalization for a long time as he’s watched friends die and get incarcerated. He talks about these two bills and his vision for healthy drug policy in Canada. 
The Backbench
#35 What Do Women Want? Sexual Healthcare
The abortion debate is back in Canadian politics. Our panel discusses the state of reproductive rights in Canada and what else the Government can do. Plus, a new report suggests civil servants are afraid to speak up and offer expert advice. Panelists: Leena Minifie, Emilie Nicolas and Raisa Patel
#1 La plus belle langue (après le cri)
Des chefs de plusieurs nations autochtones s’opposent à l’adoption de la loi 96 au Québec, une loi qui, parmi d’autres conséquences, aura un impact sur les personnes nécessitant des services publics dans une langue autre que le français. Et est-ce qu’il y a une différence entre la façon dont les médias francophones et anglophones couvrent la course à la chefferie du Parti conservateur ? Emilie Nicolas anime le tout premier épisode de Détours avec Romeo Saganash.
The Backbench
#34 Confessions Of An International Student
Shefali Mann came to Canada as an international student in 2019. She was hoping to follow the path to permanent residency, but then the pandemic happened. She has been navigating a confusing, shifting set of programs and rules ever since, while the federal government bets on international students to help ease some of Canada's labour shortages.
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#33 A Generation-Defining Inquiry
The Government has launched an inquiry into the use of the Emergency Act during the Freedom Convoy. And the Canadian Armed Forces released a scathing report about racism and discrimination within its ranks. Can the culture of the military be changed?
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#32 The Conservative Candidating Game
Eight people are in the running for leadership of the Conservative Party, but only one will emerge victorious and get a chance to become the next Prime Minister of Canada. We're joined by Politico’s Nick Taylor-Vaisey and Backbench regular Jason Markusoff to introduce our candidates. What's their vision? What have they done? And who’s most likely to flame out publicly?
Short Cuts
#773 Pierre Poilievre: The Anti-Trudeau
How Pierre Poilievre cultivated his attack-dog charm. And should we care about what the new CEO of the Toronto Star tweets? Jen Gerson co-hosts.
The Backbench
#31 Can Government Fix Housing?
We dig into the first two chapters of the government’s new budget: housing and economic growth. 
The Backbench
#29 Screaming Children, Dying Planet
With deals for affordable childcare now in place across the country, we compare what each province got and discuss what this process might reveal for future programs, like pharmacare. And we dive into the good, the bad and the ugly of the government’s Emissions Reductions Plan.