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The highest homicide and hate crime rates in the country. A mayor charged with extortion. A police chief who faced trial for obstruction of justice. Nine tragic deaths of Indigenous high schoolers.

Why does it all happen here?


  • Ryan McMahon


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Trailer: Return to Thunder Bay

New stories from Thunder Bay. Coming November, 2020.

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Trailer: Return to Thunder Bay

New stories from Thunder Bay. Coming November, 2020.

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Introducing: Cool Mules

A new investigative series about the cocaine smuggling ring inside Vice Media.

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Announcing Season 2

Different city, different secrets.

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Chapter 5: Burners

What if Thunder Bay isn't broken?  What if it's working just as it's supposed to?

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Chapter 4 – The Ruthless Game

Agnew Johnston was a lawyer who represented the state against criminals. But he was a criminal himself, paying underage girls for sex. His defence? Everybody in Thunder Bay is doing it, so why are you picking on me? The story of a case that implicated Thunder Bay's elite. 

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Chapter 3 – Deathly Low Priority

Nine teenagers died. There is evidence of foul play. There are suspects. There are motives. There have even been confessions. But nobody has ever been charged. In a town with no consequences, it will happen again.

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Chapter 2: Clowns

A dark, grainy, cellphone video leads to criminal charges against the mayor, his wife, the chief of police, and a multimillionaire lawyer turned convicted sex offender, whose wife disappeared years ago.

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Chapter 1: There Is A Town In North Ontario

Locals call it Murder Bay. It might be the most dangerous city for Indigenous youth in the world. But to others, it's their white nirvana. Host Ryan McMahon wants to know - not who killed all those kids, but what killed them. This is Thunder Bay.  

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