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Hosted by Arshy Mann
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Bonus: Everybody Loves Romana

In this bonus episode, COMMONS producer Noor Azrieh sits down with Peter Smith to discuss his reporting on right-wing conspiracy groups like Qanon and Romana Didulo.
February 7, 2024

CANADALAND #914 Stock Buybacks: How Grocers Eat Themselves

Canada’s biggest grocery chains spent nearly 2 billion last year buying up their own stocks.
January 3, 2024

RATFUCKER Chapter Two: The Brethren

Richard Marsh was born into the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church. He got out of the group he calls a cult and has made it his mission to expose the Brethren for their alleged abuses.  Now he’s on the run from Brethren members who’ve been searching for him for years. The man hired to hunt Marsh down? David Wallace.
December 27, 2023

CULTS #10 – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fandom

But at what point does it go from being harmless entertainment and turn into something more sinister?
December 20, 2023

CULTS #9 – Romana’s Reign

Romana Didulo, the self-proclaimed Queen of Canada, is unlike almost any other cult leader Canada has ever seen
December 13, 2023

CULTS 8 – The Eye of the Pyramid

MLMs have become such a ubiquitous part of North American life that their tenets are rarely ever questioned.
December 6, 2023

CULTS #7 – Hey #Bossbabe!

Nearly 1.4 million Canadians and almost 50 million Americans are involved in multi-level marketing.
November 29, 2023

CULTS #6 – Being a Blackmore

Mary-Jayne Blackmore is one of the oldest children of Winston Blackmore, the most famous polygamist in Canada. 
November 22, 2023
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