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As a premium podcast network, Canadaland features host-read ads which are delivered in the voice and tone of our hosts on an array of shows. Because of our high level of journalistic integrity, our recommendations are taken seriously. Brands like this because messaging on each podcast is delivered by a voice our audience knows and has faith in. Our audience likes the brand messaging we deliver because we choose to work with like-minded partners and sometime offer our listeners exclusive deals.

Because our ads are host-read we take time to partner with the right brand. Our hosts won’t stand behind a product we wouldn’t ourselves use or believe in. Because we’re transparent with our audience in every way, we take our partner alignment seriously and offer our partners premium treatment. From campaign conception, to original ad writing, we work with our partners every step of the way.

We’ll work with you on a bespoke campaign, for conceptualization to execution of your brand’s vision. We’re always striving to innovate unique and engaging ways to showcase our partners at the highest level.

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