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A monthly podcast about Doug Ford.


  • Allison Smith
  • Jonathan Goldsbie


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#21 Epidemiology And The Infinite Sadness

To be caught off guard by Covid’s first wave was misfortunate. To be caught off guard by its second looks like carelessness.

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#20 How Green Was My Dougie

With large swaths of the continent on fire, we look at how Doug Ford’s government recently took a torch to environmental regulations under the guise of a “Covid-19 Economic Recovery Act.”

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#19 The Day Doug Ford Finally Became President

Following a five-month hiatus, Wag the Doug reemerges into a whole new world...

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#18 Doug In The Time Of Cholera

Doug Ford has been widely commended for his response to COVID-19. Are people just looking for comfort or has the crisis truly brought out the best in the Premier?

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Introducing: Cool Mules

A new investigative series about the cocaine smuggling ring inside Vice Media.

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#17 The Sad State Of The Ontario Liberal Party

The Liberals are about to choose their next leader; Damian Lewis puts on a fatsuit to bring Ford Nation to the big screen.

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#16 The Hamilton Debacle

After a decade of planning and $110 million spent, the Ford Government abruptly cancelled Hamilton’s LRT, leaving empty buildings and questions about the city’s future in its wake. Was it just a line item? Ballooning costs? Or political sabotage in an NDP town?

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#15 Dirty Money, Expired Eggs: The Auditor General’s Annual Shaming

The Auditor General has released her annual report, scrutinizing the government's spending on everything from prisons to horse racing. We dig through it to bring you ten fascinating things we learned. And Doug Ford begins his unity tour.

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