A provocative, Indigenous-driven, monthly current-affairs podcast


Through documentaries, discussions, roundtables, feature interviews, and investigations, CANADALANDBACK will showcase an array of diverse voices and experiences, from remote communities to large urban centres and everywhere in between. From critical analysis to original reporting and humour, we will dive into politics, the environment, human rights, and health, and showcase the hard work in our communities.

CANADALANDBACK will go behind the headlines, surprise and challenge you, and most of all let you revel in the strength and beauty of the first people of this land.

Podcast artwork by Jessie Boulard.

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#772 Landback, Then What?

Is it Indigenous stewardship ownership or is it becoming just another holographic bumper sticker? What does landback mean to you, and to your nations and homelands? And is there room for settlers in this movement? This is the first episode of a new 6-episode podcast called Canadalandback!  In it, we talk about what landback means, we host our first roundtable discussion and take you inside a land-based education program. 
April 18, 2022
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