The best newspaper in Canada is a podcast. New episode every Monday.


Rethinking Canada. This season, the war on workers — and how to fight back.

Dear Taliban

A three-part series, spanning three continents, to tell the story of the women the world forgot.

Canada Obscura

Stories of Canada’s strange and wondrous places.


Exposing wild stories about the fraudsters who pretend to be Indigenous.

A Field Guide to Gay Animals

Humans aren't the only ones having gay sex in the bushes.

The Backbench

Serious political discourse for the rest of us.


Un balado bimensuel de discussion sur l’actualité et les médias, animé par Emilie Nicolas.

Wag the Doug

A monthly podcast about the premier of Ontario, the forces that drive him, and what that means for the rest of us

Short Cuts

Short Cuts is a weekly media criticism show where our hosts talk shit about the news.


A provocative, Indigenous-driven, current-affairs podcast

The Newfoundlander

When Justin Brake saw Come From Away, one scene — about his own family — would change his life forever.

Thunder Bay

The new chapters in our five-year investigation…


Confessions of a Dirty Tricks Operative.


This season, we’ll make you question everything.


Rethinking Canada. This season, the dark side of Canada’s national pastime.

COMMONS: Monopoly

Rethinking Canada. This season, we brought you stories of how Canada's monopolies bullied their way to the top.


Rethinking Canada. This season, we told you the truly unbelievable story of Canada’s longest war.


Rethinking Canada. This season, we told you stories about the dirty business of Canadian mining.

COMMONS: Real Estate

Rethinking Canada. This season, we told you stories about the dark consequences of Canada's real estate obsession.

COMMONS: The Police

Rethinking Canada. This season, we told you stories about the power that the police wield in this country and the lengths they're willing to go to hold on to it.

The White Saviors

The story of a charity that did well when it was supposed to be doing good.

Cool Mules

When Vice editor “Slava P” reached out to young journalists with job offers, they thought it was about freelance writing. Instead, he asked them to smuggle nearly $20 million worth of cocaine into Australia.


Politics in Canada right now with hosts Jen Gerson and Sandy Garossino.

Taste Buds

What do chefs, cooks, and restaurateurs talk about when you’re not around?


Weird art from Canada

Latest Podcast Episodes

After a Drag Queen tour of the gay animals at the zoo, Owen and Laine look deeper into the legacy of the book Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity, which has been their talisman throughout this journey.
July 11, 2024
July 11, 2024
Short Cuts
#1006 Pudd’nhead POTUS
Over the past two weeks, the media has suddenly become experts in diagnosing neurodegenerative disorders following Biden’s stumbles at the debate. Canadian Youtuber J.J. McCullough joins Justin Ling to dissect this presidential testing of our patience. 
July 11, 2024
July 11, 2024
Dear Taliban
Dear Taliban: Part Three
In our final episode, Investigative Reporter Molly Thomas showcases the hopes and frustrations of three Afghan girls, many years after the Taliban takeover.
July 9, 2024
July 9, 2024