Announcing Our 2024 Podcast Slate
Announcing Our 2024 Podcast Slate

Scammers, the war on workers, queer animals, a convicted bomber, and the worst celebrity podcast ever

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#33 Bordel en tout genre
Les nouvelles politiques d'identité de genre annoncées en Alberta mélangent le droit des enfants avec le droit des parents dans un contexte où les corps et esprits des personnes trans sont déjà sous contrôle social, familial, politique, médical et juridique, et leur sentiment le plus profond par rapport à leur identité, constamment délégitimisé.
March 2, 2024
#967 The VICE Guide to Losing $5.7 Billion
Vice Media was once valued at 5.7 billion dollars - This week it closed its doors.
February 29, 2024
#84 Failing Universities 101
Canadian universities are barely scraping by. Queen’s is in a whole lot of debt, Laurentian declared insolvency in 2021, Alberta universities are slashing budgets, and McGill and Concordia are in danger over an out-of-province tuition battle.
February 27, 2024

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Announcing Our 2024 Podcast Slate
Announcing Our 2024 Podcast Slate
Introducing CanadaLabs
Introducing CanadaLabs
What Twitter Was
What Twitter Was

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