The controversial business practice into which Canadian grocery chains sink billions
The controversial business practice into which Canadian grocery chains sink billions

Stock buybacks are “toxic to productivity, they’re toxic to wages, they’re toxic to the prices that consumers pay”

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#921 No Going Back With India
If it weren’t for the Globe and Mail, would Prime Minister Trudeau have publicly accused India of being involved in the killing of Hardeep Nijjar?
September 21, 2023
#58 Roll Up for the Mr. X Tour
With his polls diving, housing minister resigning, and ill-begotten Greenbelt scheme unravelling, what’s a Doug Ford to do? Why, talk about anything else, of course!
September 20, 2023
#73 Students in Strip Malls
We’re busy preparing for our upcoming live events and working away on an exciting fall season, so we’re bringing you an episode from our friends Allison Smith and Jonathan Goldsbie on Wag the Doug  – a monthly podcast that grapples with the realities of the Ford government in Ontario. 
September 19, 2023

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