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#349 #MeToo And The Iranian Diaspora

When artist Aydin Aghdashloo was accused of sexual misconduct, the Iranian-Canadian community's response was divided.

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#99 Christie Blatchford

A conversation with the late National Post columnist and court reporter.

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#348 Is Canada Ready To Give Land Back?

Karl Dockstader and Sean Vanderklis update us on the 1492 Land Back Lane occupation and explore why federal government inaction just makes things worse.

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#347 The Brayden Bushby Trial And Pity Porn

The CBC's Jody Porter discusses covering the trial, and what she's learned about telling other people's stories.

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#346 We’re Getting Sued

Rebel News personality Keean Bexte is suing Canadaland for defamation.

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#345 Ali Velshi Says The U.S. Election Will Be Closer Than You Think

MSNBC host and journalist Ali Velshi has been traveling to U.S. swing states talking to voters in the lead-up to the presidential election.

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#344 WE Charity: In Desperation There Is Opportunity

A reporter was offered money to kill this story. 

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#281 Trolling Jonathan Torrens

Jonathan Torrens talks about the CBC, what really happened on Trailer Park Boys, and about that one song you love to hate.

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