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#30 Vulgar Canada/We’re Better Than News
Guardian stringer John Barber on the Mother Canada debacle, the RCMP's Musical military Ride, and Kory Teneycke's revealing flub.
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#27 Evan Solomon/Harper Family Secrets
VICE staff reporter Hilary Beaumont on the CBC's firing of Evan Solomon and the RCMP's secret, sealed court documents that may contain allegations of RCMP wrongdoing and personal information about Stephen Harper's family.
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#26 Horny Press/Zehaf-Bibeau Video/Khadr Doc
Freelance journalist Adrian MacNair on the press' spring fever, the RCMP's release of 18 missing seconds of the Michael Zehaf-Bibeau video, and the CBC's Omar Khadr documentary.
RCMP Officer to C-51 Protester: “You Could be Branded a Terrorist”
An anonymously uploaded YouTube video seemingly shot during Saturday's "Stop C-51" Rally on Parliament Hill depicts an RCMP officer telling protesters...