Canadaland is a news site and podcast network funded by its audience. We publish news, opinion and analysis, with a focus on Canadian media, current affairs, and politics. Our podcasts are downloaded over 150,000 times per week. Canadaland Inc. is registered as a limited liability corporation with the Province of Ontario.
Transparency Reports
In some ways, it’s an annual report, not terribly different from (if maybe less pretty than) the glossy retrospectives put out by all manner of organizations. We’re a for-profit business that shares some qualities of a nonprofit, in that we rely on and are deeply grateful for the collective contributions of our supporters. We always want more people to join our support base, and for current supporters to enhance their commitments. In other ways, this report is something else. We want it to go deeper than a promotional document, acknowledging areas where we have room for improvement and the progress we’ve yet to make. Being accountable to our supporters means offering a level of transparency that we’d like to see from other media companies, including those that are privately held. And sometimes that means owning up to longstanding issues.
Canadaland is:
Noor Azrieh
Producer, COMMONS and The Backbench
Alan Black
Chief Operating Officer
Jesse Brown
Publisher/Host, CANADALAND and Short Cuts
Tristan Capacchione
Audio Editor & Technical Producer
Jordan Cornish
Producer, COMMONS
Annette Ejiofor
Managing Editor, Podcasts
Jonathan Goldsbie
News Editor & Co-Host, Wag the Doug
Katie Hernandez
Audience Experience Coordinator
Kattie Laur
Producer, Wag the Doug
Aviva Lessard
Producer, Short Cuts and The Backbench
Arshy Mann
Host/Producer, COMMONS
Emilie Nicolas
Host, Détours
Nancy Pettinicchio
Producer, Détours
Mattea Roach
Host, The Backbench
Cherise Seucharan
Allison Smith
Co-Host, Wag the Doug
Dory Smith
Sponsorship & Sales
Bruce Thorson
Senior Producer, CANADALAND
Jessica Vallentin
Audience Development Manager
Cassidy Villebrun-Buracas
Associate Producer
Tony Wang
Marketing & Community Outreach Coordinator
Kim Wheeler
Producer, canadaLANDBACK
Tamara Wise
Office Manager
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  • “smug, loud-mouthed...
 easy to dislike” —Toronto Star
    “Fake news... It shames the profession.” —Christie Blatchford
    “Self-styled media critics” —The Globe and Mail
    “Haters... the malevolent” —Amanda Lang
    “Libelous bilge... I thought Canadaland was a serious outfit.” —Conrad Black
    “Unwashed gossip bloggers” —Faith Goldy
    “Icky” —Terry Milewski
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