How to get ad-free podcasts

We now offer a premium, ad-free podcast stream to everyone who supports us at $5/month (or more) on Patreon!

When you become a patron, Patreon will give you a unique RSS feed featuring all of our shows, to use in your podcast app of choice.

It will look like this:

Here’s how it works.

When you become a new patron, you’ll gain access to your RSS feed. You can find it in two places.

1) Patreon will send you an email with the RSS feed. You can copy the link in the body of that email.


2) You can find your RSS feed on Patreon. Log in and go to CANADALAND’s page. Go to the “Overview” section. You’ll find a card on the right-hand side labelled “AUDIO RSS LINK.” Click the “Copy link” button.

Note: If you are an existing patron and you raise your support to $5, you won’t get that email from Patreon. You’ll have to use option 2.


You’ll add that link to your podcast app. If you use the Apple Podcasts app, click here for an explainer on how to import your custom RSS feed. For iTunes on Mac or PC, click on “File” in the top left menu. Then select “Subscribe to Podcast…” from the dropdown and paste the feed URL. Click “OK” and you’re set. 

Here are instructions for adding your premium feed to Podcast Addict, Pocket Casts, DoggCatcher, BeyondPod, and Feedly.

Unfortunately, not all podcast apps will let you use a custom RSS feed, but Patreon has this handy list of which ones work and which ones don’t. 

The CANADALAND ad-free master feed will appear in your app, and will fill up with every show we publish.

If you support us at $5+ and your feed is empty, here’s what to do:

This is an issue with your reward tier and there’s an easy fix. Patreon connects the delivery of podcasts to reward tier, not to dollar amount. For example, if you’re giving us $7/month, but you’ve chosen the $4 reward tier (or no reward at all), you won’t get the podcasts. To fix that, log in to Patreon and choose a higher reward tier. You can keep your support at the same level. Patreon has an explainer here.

If you don’t want to receive the rewards associated with the tier, please select the circle next to: “I prefer not to receive benefits from Canadaland through the mail. You’ll still get the podcasts.

Thanks for the support. Enjoy!

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May 12, 2022

Here’s what I can tell you about what’s happening with CANADALANDBACK:
A couple of weeks back, the show’s host, Ryan McMahon, posted a message to Facebook. It was a public apology to his life partner for not acting “honourably” within their relationship. He didn’t go into details.
In response, a woman posted to Facebook about her own relationship with Ryan. She wrote that he had been unfaithful and dishonest to her over a long period of time. Both this woman and Ryan then deleted their public Facebook messages, and Ryan let me know that he was stepping back from CANADALANDBACK to deal with his family life and for the good of the show — his current partner is also the mother of their infant, they remain together, and are working it out.
Since those who are personally involved in this removed their public messages, the only remaining traces of it online are messages from others, in which you’ll read that Ryan has been accused of “harm.”
I am not aware of any allegations against Ryan concerning physical violence, criminality, harassment, or assault. I looked. I also asked the woman who posted on Facebook about Ryan, and she confirmed that she is not accusing him of any of that. Nor, as far as I can tell, is anybody else.
Based on the information at hand, this is a personal and private matter that Ryan’s employer should have no role in whatsoever. But the fact that Ryan chose to post about this publicly changes things, as does the fact that both posts were removed, leaving an information vacuum that others have filled with their own messages, leading people to draw conclusions and demand answers from me.
That demand is reasonable. Some Canadaland supporters have asked, “Isn’t this how Ghomeshi and a hundred other #MeToo stories started, with well-liked and influential men trying to get ahead of their accusers by posting mea culpas to Facebook, and then other men closing ranks around them?”
The golden rule to me has always been: Listen to the accusers. Do not silence them, do not shame them. Hear them out. So I reached out to the woman who posted about Ryan to ask if she had more to say or if she wanted me to assign a reporter to look into it. (I’d recuse myself from involvement with any such story.) She didn’t want that.
I spoke to Ryan’s current partner as well. Neither of these women want this to become any more public than it already is.
One message that has been shared widely says that Canadaland has a policy of treating any accusations against its employees as private. We have no such policy. If someone were to speak up to say that somebody who works here had harmed them — if there were allegations of criminality, violence, or harassment — the company would take that seriously. But that is not the case here, based on anything we know.
Ryan has made a decision to leave; he did not quit to avoid being fired.
I hope he and his family and everyone who has been in his personal life are all okay, and that they get through this all.
As for CANADALANDBACK: It’s coming back. We’re going to restaff and rebuild, and we’re going to relaunch.
Jesse Brown is the publisher and editor-in-chief of Canadaland.
CANADALANDBACK artwork by Jessie Boulard.

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