Teck Resources just got approval to build the largest tar sands operation ever. The Frontier mine would have serious and permanent consequences for the local environment, Indigenous peoples and the global climate. So why haven’t you ever heard about it?

Featured in this episode: Nikki Way (Pembina Institute), Kecia Kerr (Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society), Cleo Reece (Keepers of the Athabasca), Violet Cheecham Clark.

To learn more:

“10 things you need to know about the massive new oilsands mine that just got a green light” by Sharon J. Riley in The Narwhal

“Teck’s Frontier oilsands project heads to McKenna for review” by Alastair Sharp in National Observer

“UN says Canada isn’t doing enough to save Wood Buffalo National Park” by Judith Lavoie in The Narwhal

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