December 20, 2021
#739 The Duty To Sh*t Disturb
He's the academic expert people love to hate. But he considers stirring the pot his moral duty. This week, CANADALAND brings you a profile of Amir Attaran.
Jesse Brown
Host & Publisher
Tristan Capacchione
Audio Editor & Technical Producer
Sarah Lawrynuik
Senior Producer
Kieran Oudshoorn
Managing Editor, Podcasts

Amir Attaran might not be a name you know off the top of your head, but if you listen or read Canadian media, you’ve definitely come across him before.

He is a professor at both the University of Ottawa law school and also its School of Epidemiology and Public Health. He’s got a PhD in immunology from Oxford, along with a law degree from UBC.

Attaran has been a real sh*t disturber throughout the pandemic, criticizing all levels of government for their public health responses, but he liked stirring the pot long before COVID-19 reared its head. He makes the case that it is his duty.

The Prime Minister scolded him. Twitter deplatformed him. Journalists have largely stopped calling him… Well, that is, except for us.

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