#754 Will You Be My Ex? Canada’s Broken Divorce System
What's the word for the scrooge of Valentine's Day? CANADALAND, I guess. Today's episode looks at four stories that show how broken the divorce process is.
This week’s episode is bursting your love bubble by digging into the dark side of love. You’ll hear four personal stories that show, with increasing intensity, just how broken Canada’s divorce system is. People who were held hostage for years by a slow-moving process that sent them hurdling into debt.
And beyond that, we rarely talk about divorce as a life or death situation, but it certainly can be.
Senior producer Sarah Lawrynuik brings you this one.
For people who are living with family violence, don’t struggle alone. Here is a list of resources available to you in your area. Or the Assaulted Women’s Helpline is 1-866-863-0511.

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February 14, 2022
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