August 22, 2022
#808 Is New Brunswick Covering Up A Deadly Brain Disease?
This week, we revisit a mystery plaguing New Brunswick. Early on-set dementia, muscle atrophy, hallucinations -- in a word, a nightmare. But a mystery that still has yielded few answers.
Sarah Lawrynuik
Senior Producer
Jesse Brown
Host & Publisher
Jonathan Goldsbie
News Editor
Tristan Capacchione
Audio Editor & Technical Producer
Kieran Oudshoorn
Managing Editor, Podcasts

Dozens of people in New Brunswick have reported mysterious neurological symptoms over the past two years. People as young as 18 are experiencing full-blown dementia. Is there a single cause for these reported illnesses? The government has previously said they believed there was. Now, they have said there is no single cause. This week, we revisit a mystery we originally told you in January 2022.

Featured in this episode: Leyland Cecco, the Guardian’s Canadian correspondent; Stacie Quigley Cormier, step mother of Gabrielle Cormier who began experiencing dementia-type symptoms at the age of 20.

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