March 6, 2023
#864 Scams And Slime: C-11 And The Future Of CanCon
Do people watch Canadian film and television? What even is CanCon? Will Bill C-11 fix any of that?
Jesse Brown
Host & Publisher
Tristan Capacchione
Audio Editor & Technical Producer
Jonathan Goldsbie
News Editor
Annette Ejiofor
Managing Editor, Podcasts

Bill C-11, the Online Streaming Act, has been a long-time coming. After initially being proposed in 2021 as Bill C-10, it is in the final stage of becoming law. The bill would regulate online video streamers, forcing them to contribute towards the Canadian Content system and promote “CanCon” on their platforms, like traditional Canadian broadcasters do. Online-only creators have fears it would impact their livelihood.

Most Canadians aren’t even watching CanCon, will this Bill change that? Will it make CanCon better? Can a system that was built for traditional film and TV, be made to work for an increasingly online, global market?

Audio Editor and Technical Producer Tristan Capacchione sits down with Canadian filmmakers to talk all about the “CanCon” system and the problems they’ve experienced with it.

Host: Jesse Brown

Credits: Tristan Capacchione (Reporter, Audio Editor, and Technical Producer), Annette Ejiofor (Managing Editor)

Featured guests: Matt Johnson, Andrew Chung, Marc Almon, Valerie Creighton, Miki “Xwater” Ljuljdurovic

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Sponsors: Rotman, Freshbooks

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