October 19, 2023
Short Cuts
# 929 Stumbling Through the Fog of War
As the conflict in Gaza and Israel continues to escalate, Pacinthe Mattar sits down with Jonathan to consider the ways in which narratives are shaped, journalists are obstructed, and parameters of discussion get enforced.
Jonathan Goldsbie
News Editor
Aviva Lessard
Karyn Pugliese

They also look at the RCMP’s response to photojournalist Amber Bracken’s wrongful-arrest lawsuit, which somehow finds a new way to wring controversy from the term “occupation.”

Correction (October 19, 2023): A previous version of this episode featured claims of an altercation between an alleged Israeli police officer and Arabic-speaking reporter, elements of which Canadaland has since not been able to verify. (Update, November 17, 2023: While the Israeli security agent involved does not appear to have been a police officer, other details of the encounter have since been verified elsewhere.)

Clarification (November 6, 2023): While in this episode, the May 2021 “Open letter to Canadian newsrooms on covering Israel-Palestine” is described as “getting at” the “naming of the occupation that has been going on for 75 years” with its request for additional context to be included in coverage, the letter itself didn’t specify when the occupation began. It stated: “Unfortunately, newsroom leaders are skittish, fearing the deluge of complaints that often follows coverage. The deep reluctance to cover the ongoing nature of the Israeli occupation leads to urgent breaking news coverage that never includes the context that surrounds the issue.”

Host: Jonathan Goldsbie

Credits: Aviva Lessard (Producer), Caleb Thompson (Audio Editor), Annette Ejiofor (Managing Editor), Karyn Pugliese (Editor-in-Chief)

Guest: Pacinthe Mattar


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