December 14, 2023
Short Cuts
#945 Blurred Faces and the 24-Hour Frenzy of Shohei Ohtani
With so much going on in the world, how could we possibly cover it all on one Short Cuts? By breaking it up into digestible chunks of varying levels of importance, that’s how!
Jonathan Goldsbie
News Editor
Karyn Pugliese
Aviva Lessard
Caleb Thompson
Audio Editor

Jonathan and Karyn reteam for an all–Duly Noted edition of Short Cuts, spanning everything from the National Post’s somehow-even-more-conservative-than-before coverage of Israel to that one baseball man who people thought was on his way to Toronto but wasn’t. And did a whistleblower actually deliver anonymous, in-person testimony to Parliament this week? Sort of!

Host: Jonathan Goldsie

Credits: Aviva Lessard (Producer), Caleb Thompson (Audio Editor), Annette Ejiofor (Managing Editor), Karyn Pugliese (Editor-in-Chief)

Guest: Karyn Pugliese

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