May 16, 2024
Short Cuts
#989 Loblaw & Order
There’s a Loblaws Boycott underway, but is it actually working?
Jesse Brown
Host & Publisher
James Nicholson
Caleb Thompson
Audio Editor
Karyn Pugliese

Jesse breaks his silence on the Reddit-fueled consumer action and brainstorms some guerilla grocery tactics. 

A new CBC advisory committee aims to “modernize” the CBC, but Peter Menzies explains why it probably won’t move fast enough to make a difference. 

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Host: Jesse Brown

Credits: James Nicholson(Producer), Caleb Thompson (Audio Editor and Technical Producer), Karyn Pugliese (Editor-in-Chief)

Guest:  Peter Menzies


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Sponsors: CAMH, Douglas, Indochino,  Article,  


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Short Cuts