February 22, 2023
Monopoly #15 – Movie Monster
“I love the smell of monopoly in the morning”
Arshy Mann
Host & Producer
Jordan Cornish
Noor Azrieh
Annette Ejiofor
Managing Editor, Podcasts

“I love the smell of monopoly in the morning”

“Forget it, Jake, it’s Cineplex”

“The competition commissioner once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti”

“Life is like a box of anti-competitive cinema chains that allegedly use their 75% market share to bully their competition, limit consumer choice and charge obscene junk fees. You never know what you’re going to get.”


Featured in this episode: Barry Hertz (Globe and Mail), Corinne Lea, Andy Willick, Sonya William


To learn more:

“Cineplex’s distribution deal with Lionsgate sends ripples through Canadian film industry” by Barry Hertz in The Globe and Mail

“Independent cinemas accuse Cineplex of shutting them out of market for top films” by Maryse Zeidler in CBC News

“Indie theatres say they’re last in line for movies because of Cineplex” by Joseph Pugh in CBC News

“Cineplex’s monopolization” by Vass Bednar in Regs to Riches

Additional music from Audio Network

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