July 7, 2021
REAL ESTATE #6 – Canada’s Biggest Slumlord
The Toronto Community Housing Corporation is the biggest landlord in Canada, and the second biggest in all of North America.
Arshy Mann
Host & Producer, COMMONS
Jordan Cornish
Producer, COMMONS
Damilola Ontime
Producer, Wag the Doug
Kevin Sexton

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The Toronto Community Housing Corporation is the biggest landlord in Canada, and the second biggest in all of North America. 

But government after government has allowed social housing in Toronto to fall apart. It’s not just the buildings that they’ve let rot. It’s also our moral obligation to the most vulnerable in our society.


Featured in this episode: Joe Fiorito, John Sewell, Susan Gapka


To learn more:

“Al Gosling is now homeless at 82” by Joe Fiorito in The Toronto Star

“Ousting Sewell” by Jamie Bradburn in The Torontoist

“Tragic tale of local artist has happy coda” by Joe Fiorito in The Toronto Star


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