#1 Parliament shooting/Amanda Bynes/Barbara Kay
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#1 Parliament shooting/Amanda Bynes/Barbara Kay
Emma Rose Teitel of Macleans Magazine talks about the myth of superior Canadian breaking news coverage and the different rules the media has for crazy men and crazy women. Also, a folk song for cranky columnist Barbara Kay.
November 6, 2014

Emma Rose Teitel of Macleans Magazine talks about the myth of superior Canadian breaking news coverage and the different rules the media has for crazy men and crazy women. Also, a folk song for cranky columnist Barbara Kay.

Episode Rundown

[00:00:00] “I’m joined today by Emma Rose Teitel, she is a Macleans magazine columnist, a national magazine award winner and my first cousin” Jesse Her Column

[00:00:19] “I think it’s becoming clear to our listeners that Canada’s brave new independent media is just as nepotistic and corrupt as Canada’s old corporate media. Give me a second here Emma, I want to take this head on. People are going to say to me I’m obviously dolling out favours to my family here, and we should be clear about this because Emma is much younger than me.How old are you?” Jesse

“I’m 25 years old” Teitel

“She’s much younger than me. But her salary as a journalist is already higher than mine. She has already won a gold national magazine award, I only have a silver. I’m an ageing straight white dad, she is a hip young queer. What I’m getting at here is that Emma’s brand is already stronger than mine. If anyone is doing a favour for a cousin here, it’s Emma.” Jesse

Jesse is so old, his Wikipedia page doesn’t even know how old he is. Emma got her Gold award for Boomers, you folks had it easy Jesse got his Silver for STU

[00:01:08] “How do you know my salary?” Teitel “I know everything about the media in Canada.” Jesse

[00:02:54] “We all know that narrative in the Canadian media, having done so well that day” Jesse referring to Canadian coverage of the October 22nd Shooting in Ottawa.

“It was almost like we were congratulating ourselves on our balanced coverage 5 minutes after the shooting happen. I kept seeing Facebook status updates, you know with headlines from American media juxtaposed with ours. Meanwhile we’re still reporting things wrong.” Teitel

[00:04:14] “We have to make a distinction here between matters of tone and matters of substance. Everyone seemed to agree on the tone. That the tone of the American stuff is disgusting and that’s the proper tone (Canadian) for something horrible as it’s happening is the tone that Mansbridge had. But what about the content, matters of substance. This is the news, it matters if you get it right.” Jesse

[00:04:49] “(Andrew) Mitrovica he said some nice things about me recently, I’m going to come back and give it right back to him, he’s got balls on him. Because he was out there days after the shooting on Ipolitics and just pointing out everything that was wrong with Canadian coverage and this romance that we were building on how we handled it… Here’s a quote ‘We’re told there were two or more shooters. Wrong. We were told the shooting was likely linked to the hit and run on the soldier in Quebec and there was some wider conspiracy afoot. That was wrong. We were told the shooter Michael Zehaf-Bibeau was on a high risk traveler list. Wrong. We were told he wanted to go to Syria. That was wrong. Even the idea of the hero, you know every story needs a hero. The Sergeant at Arms hero story, that was collapsing, or perhaps that has collapsed. The guy was shot at least a dozen times and possibly dead before Kevin Vickers fired his gun, and not only did the Canadian media get a lot of things wrong, they didn’t get the true information first. CBS news was the first to identify the name of the shooter and that was leaked to American official by Canadian officials and that was leaked to the American press. So if you really want to contrast the American press, the Canadian press you could point out the American press actually reported the news first.” Jesse

Andrew Mitrovica gives a Master Class on how Canadian media dealt with the Ottawa shooting

[00:08:24] “I think it makes a lot of sense you’re into this angle cause you like to pretend you’re this hard cynical guy when you’re really just a teddy bear, and everybody should know the truth.” Teitel

[00:08:54] “There’s a comfort of having the grandfatherly tone but it also is a warning. It’s like don’t stray from this fucking narrative. We need our heroes and we’re coming together as a nation and Harper’s going to hug his opponents and then meanwhile some new legislation is being thrown.” Jesse

the Legislation is question is these possible changes

[00:09:33] “I wrote a column about the public reaction to Robin Williams suicide in the summer and I compared that to Amanda Bynes and her current unraveling in the public eye.” Teitel The double standard of mental illness

[00:14:04] “We aren’t surprised when they(women) are more hysterical, we aren’t surprised when they cry where as when it comes to men we are surprised. So I think it’s easier for men to be stoic and for us to view them as being stoic then for us to view women this way.” Teitel

[00:14:47] Barbara Kay take down of Teitel.

Jonathan Kay, Barbara’s son was on Canadaland episode 21

[00:15:49] “You’ve said many disparaging things about Ms Doubtfire and Flubber” Teitel

“And look how you ignore how I said all those nice things about The Fisher King.” Jesse

“No wonder you don’t like Peter Mansbridge.” Teitel

“I don’t see the connection there either, that’s another apples to oranges one.” Jesse

In Jesse defense, those films are hot street trash.

[00:16:50] In reference to the Amy Winehouse deathwatch issue

[00:18:41] Barbara Kay talks about Teitel here also. link

[00:18:57] “She uses the word elites more than Doug Ford does. So basically I just listed how many times she used the word elite in the last year or so. So I went though her columns and everybody is an elite.Left, Right, Center, it doesn’t matter. She’s always railing against elites and I thought that was funny” Teitel The Elites article.

[00:19:40] B&E

Barbara Kay we don’t have a lot in common

but if your game I’d like to take you out for ramen

Barbara Kay will get cozy at ryoji

Barbara Kay you’ll really get to know me and you’ll see we can be best friends forever

Don’t have a conniption we’re both Jewess with conviction, we can work it out

Hold of the center, will go on a bi-partisan adventure

Compromise is what I’m all about

Will go to men’s rights rallies and dike bars too

A little bit of me and a little bit of you

Will walk hand in hand through the oil sands

Burning books by Betty Friedan

I’ll take you to Bonnaroo

Will meet molly under the moon

And you’ll say hey it’s ok to be gay

And I’ll say hey it’s ok to be Kay

Barbara Barbara Barbara Kay

Doesn’t have to be this way

Barbara Barbara Barbara Kay

I really hope we can be friends someday

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