September 16, 2015
Short Cuts
#38 Paul Watson/Election Hot Mess
Two guest co-hosts tackle a dozen topics. Freelancer Paul Watson and Buzzfeed Canada's Paul McLeod discuss Star Touch, the budget surplus, the refugee crisis, Cons buying Facebook Likes, and Paul Watson's much-anticipated Erebus piece.
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Paul Watson’s Twitter: @wherewarlives Paul McLeod’s Twitter: @pmmcleod 1:28 – List of stories we broke 2:59 – Paul Watson’s Buzzfeed piece, “The Wreck Of HMS Erebus” 4:41 – CANADALAND’s coverage & previous interviews with Paul Watson 7:05 – Star Touch, Toronto Star’s new app 15:50 – Some Random Political Blog 18:07 – NDP Candidate’s husband posing with cap gun 18:18 –  Con Candidate Blair Dale gets sacked for explaining the lyrics to Epic Rap Battles of History 19:26 – Conservatives are buying Facebook likes 25:12 – Globe and Mail debate on the economy To syndicate CANADALAND on your local college or community radio station, email me:
June 13, 2024
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April 25, 2024
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