January 4, 2024
Short Cuts
#951 Who’s Behind A Fake Trudeau Sex Scandal?
There’s a really popular Canadian politics YouTube channel with hundreds of anti-Trudeau videos. Something seemed a little fishy though. Jesse, Jonathan, and Karyn start pulling at a thread that ultimately takes their search to the other side of the world.
Jesse Brown
Host & Publisher
Bruce Thorson
Senior Producer
Jonathan Goldsbie
News Editor
Tristan Capacchione
Audio Editor & Technical Producer
Karyn Pugliese

There’s a video on YouTube titled “Trudeau’s Alleged AFFAIR with Minister of AFFAIRS” that baselessly suggests the prime minister’s marriage fell apart due to a dalliance with a member of his cabinet. It has 473,903 views.


It’s the biggest hit for a channel called Street Politics Canada that, for more than a year, has been churning out anti-Trudeau content day after day. Street Politics claims to be an “independent news organization” based in Canada that is “clear and upfront” about their biases — but who are they, and why haven’t we heard of them before?


Credits: Jesse Brown (Host & Publisher), Karyn Pugliese (Editor-in-Chief), Jonathan Goldsbie (News Editor), Bruce Thorson (Senior Producer), Tristan Capacchione (Audio Editor & Technical Producer), Annette Ejiofor (Managing Editor, Podcasts)


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