April 15, 2024
#980 Slash and Burn: How Cheap Debt Killed the News
Has journalism been left holding the bag for Big Media’s bad bet? 
Jesse Brown
Host & Publisher
Cherise Seucharan
Bruce Thorson
Senior Producer
Caleb Thompson
Audio Editor
André Proulx
Production Coordinator
Karyn Pugliese

We’ve long heard about how the news business is failing –  layoff after layoff, media execs have claimed that they have had no choice but to make cutbacks.

In Bell’s latest round of 4800 layoffs, CEO Mirko Babic defended his decision to a parliamentary committee, claiming the company was struggling in a tough economic environment – and that news was part of what was bringing them down.

But is that the full story? 

Because before Google and Facebook ate up advertising dollars, the Canadian media companies of the 90s made a bad bet. And it failed to pay off. 

And now… the news industry is taking the fall. 

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Host: Jesse Brown & Cherise Seucharan

Credits: Caleb Thompson (Audio Editor), Bruce Thorson (Senior Producer), André Proulx (Production Coordinator), Karyn Pugliese (Editor-in-Chief)

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