Julian Fantino may be the most famous cop in Canadian history. He was the chief of four different police forces. And for decades, he was one of the most influential voices in law enforcement. But during his rise, people critical of the police had a way of finding themselves in the crosshairs. They were smeared, surveilled, intimidated and arrested.

The police are a singularly powerful institution in this country. How far are the cops willing to go to keep it that way?

Featured in this episode: Lennox Farrell, Jerry Amernic, Susan Eng, Derek Finkle.


To learn more:

“Toronto Police Farce” by Derek Finkle in Eye Weekly

Dudley Speaks for Me by Ngardy Conteh George

Hogtown: The Politics of Policing by Min Sook Lee

The Trials of London by Max Allen in CBC Ideas

Duty: The Life of a Cop by Julian Fantino and Jerry Amernic

Additional music from Audio Network.

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