May 25, 2022
WAR #5 – The Narcokings of Kandahar
Why did so many Afghans join with the Taliban during the years that Canada was fighting in Kandahar?
Arshy Mann
Host & Producer, COMMONS
Jordan Cornish
Producer, COMMONS
Noor Azrieh
Associate Producer
Kieran Oudshoorn
Managing Editor, Podcasts

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During the Afghan War, it was clear who the enemy was. The Taliban were a group of religious zealots who harboured terrorists, killed with fervour and enslaved women.

But then why did so many Afghans join with the Taliban during the years that Canada was fighting in Kandahar? 

And if the Taliban were our enemies, who exactly were our friends and allies? In many cases, they were torturers, rapists and murderers themselves.


Featured in this episode: Rangina Hamidi, Matthieu Aikins, Ahmad Malgarai, Bruce Moncur, David Pugliese (Ottawa Citizen)


To learn more:

“Our Man in Kandahar” by Matthieu Aikins in The Atlantic

“House of Pain: Canada’s connection with Kandahar’s ruthless palace guard” by Graeme Smith in The Globe and Mail

The Dogs Are Eating Them Now: Our War in Afghanistan by Graeme Smith 

“Today We Shall All Die” Afghanistan’s Strongmen and the Legacy of Impunity by Human Rights Watch


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