July 6, 2022
WAR #8 – Who Pays the Price?
What was all of this for? And is Afghanistan destined for yet another cycle of violence?
Arshy Mann
Host & Producer
Jordan Cornish
Noor Azrieh
Kieran Oudshoorn
Managing Editor, Podcasts

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Afghanistan has endured more than four decades of almost ceaseless war. But since the Taliban takeover, Afghans have been abandoned by the global community and are now facing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis.

What was all of this for? And is Afghanistan destined for yet another cycle of violence?


Featured in this episode: Rangina Hamidi, Mohsin Amin, Stephen M. Saideman


To learn more:

“Americans nurtured Afghanistan’s economy. Now they’re gutting it” by Mohsin Amin in The Washington Post

Adapting in the Dust: Lessons Learned from Canada’s War in Afghanistan by Stephen M. Saideman

‘No Father Wants to Sell His Son’s Kidney.’ Afghans Pushed to Desperate Measures to Survive” by Sune Engel Rasmussen in The Wall Street Journal

“Hope and despair: Kathy Gannon on 35 years in Afghanistan” by Kathy Gannon in The Associated Press

“Taliban Splits Emerge Over Religion, Power and Girls’ Schools” by Sune Engel Rasmussen & Margherita Stancati in The Wall Street Journal


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