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#954 The Dangers Of Dumb AI
What happens when an AI says someone else, is you?
#12 Robots vs Humanité
En moins d'un mois, deux lettres ouvertes ont appelé à la prudence et à la législation autour de l'IA. Pourquoi? — In less than one month, two open letters have been published calling for caution and legislation around AI.
#41 Let’s Talk Tech! … And Blackface
Could all those images of Trudeau in blackface open the door for a more meaningful campaign? And we talk Canada's growing tech scene. What's it done with federal money—and what are the parties talking about now?
#231 Robo Reporters and Blockchain Broadcasts
While journalists worry about Facebook algorithms and digital advertising, every other industry gets to be excited about technology. So today, we try our hardest to find the positive tech stories for the news industry.