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#890 Crime Pays, If You’re A Journalist
This week Jesse cross-examines poet turned investigative journalist, Michael Lista, on the business, craft, and morality of the true crime beat.
An Overview of Organized Crime Across Canada
How different cities figure in the criminal underworld, as explained by the authors of The Wolfpack
#325 Should We Stop Naming Killers?
Prime Minister Trudeau said naming the Nova Scotia mass shooter was giving him "the gift of infamy"
The Surprising Reason Some Countries Don’t Publish The Names Of Accused Persons
And what can the difference tell us about why we cover crime as we do?
#223 The Misery Beat
Guest host Omar Mouallem speaks with the Globe and Mail’s Jana Pruden about her unique work as a crime reporter. In an age of sensationalized true crime podcasts and Netflix docudramas—and with no end in sight—can long form crime reporting reach beyond morbid fascination? For those journalists who cover crime, what are their responsibilities as reporters interviewing the accused? How do they know if they’re being used by calculated manipulators, and if they are, should they still report it? You can read Jana’s story, Fear On The Family Farm here.