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#270 The Most Expensive Thing Canada’s Ever Bought
When Ottawa Citizen reporter David Pugliese called the government to follow up on a tip, he heard back from the PR arm of Irving Shipbuilding. And then the president of that company called, and threatened to sue him.
Canada’s Arms Deals: Beyond Saudi Arabia
Canada’s arms deal with Saudi Arabia has raised a lot of controversy, but they’re not the only ones getting our weapons or weapons parts. Supriya wants to know who else Canada is selling arms to, what oversight exists to make sure they’re being used ethically and what happens if we do see a reason to break an arms contract. She talks to NDP defence critic Hélène Laverdière, who’s trying to create a Parliamentary sub-committee to oversee arms sales. She also talks to Anthony Fenton, a PhD candidate at York University who studies political economy of Canada and the Middle-East.