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“I die when I run out of money”
For some Canadians with disabilities and chronic illnesses, the government has made it easier to access assisted death than the supports they need to...
How Disabled Journalists Have to Fight to Get in the Newsroom
"How could I possibly feel like I belong in an industry where I can’t even get in the door?"
PANDEMIC #10 – Burn It Down
Jonathan Marchand is one of the thousands of young disabled people living in long-term care. But Marchand doesn’t want to fix the system. He doesn’t think it can be reformed. Marchand is an abolitionist. For a century and a half, Canada has hidden away disabled people in institutions where they were neglected and abused. Is long-term care just the latest incarnation of this dark history?
Where Is The Disability Beat In Canada? 
The news doesn't focus on disability issues often, and when it does, it often focuses on the wrong things