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Dear Taliban (Extended)
Remembering the Forgotten Women & Girls of Afghanistan
Dear Taliban
Dear Taliban: Part Two
Join Investigative Reporter Molly Thomas as she lands on the ground in South Asia to uncover the heartbreaking story of a young Afghan girl, with a unique connection to Canada.
A Field Guide to Gay Animals
In the first episode of A Field Guide to Gay Animals, Owen, Laine, and a 200-year-old gay tortoise explore the history of scientific research into gay animals, with the help of a seminal book that defined nature for what it is – queer as f*ck.
Dear Taliban
Dear Taliban: Part One
Investigative reporter Molly Thomas was hell-bent on not letting the plight of women in Afghanistan fall from the headlines. But the battle to tell that story wasn’t where she first thought it was.
Canada Obscura
The Real-Life Winnie-the-Pooh
We’re launching a collaboration with The Atlas Obscura Podcast to tell the stories of Canada’s strange and wondrous places.
#1 Interview With a Pretendian
Why do people pretend to be Native? We begin our journey by asking someone who would know best: a pretendian.
#988 The Pretendian Crisis
What happens if pretendians start to outnumber actual Indigenous people?
#978 Should Gaza Compel a Return to Canadian Peacekeeping?
What is behind the near complete collapse of Canada’s role in peacekeeping around the world?
#974 We Spied on the Spies Who Spy on Activists
Of all the private intelligence firms in the English-language world, there appears to be just one whose speciality is tracking activists. And it has a branch office in Calgary.
#970 How Work Got So Sh*tty
Twenty years of school gets you what… An unpaid internship? An e-bike to deliver ramen? And some sort of side hustle? How did we get here? Today we look at work in Canada.