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#922 Foreign Influence: How Castro and a Belgian Brought Violent Revolution to Quebec
What connects Fidel Castro and a stocky Belgian named Georges to the worst campaign of political violence in modern Canadian history?
The controversial business practice into which Canadian grocery chains sink billions
Stock buybacks are "toxic to productivity, they're toxic to wages, they're toxic to the prices that consumers pay"
The Backbench
#71 Backbench Catch Up
It’s summer time, and Parliament’s been out of session for 2 months. For this episode of the Backbench, host Mattea roach is joined by an all-star panel of Riley Yesno, Emilie Nicolas, David Moscrop.
#912 Is The Foreign Interference Scandal Overblown?
Foreign Interference by the Chinese government into Canadian politics is probably the biggest news story of the year, and yet we know so little about it. What was the interference? Why did it occur? Did it work? Who was involved?
#19 Rentrée scolaire féministe
Les choses ont-elles vraiment changé ? À l’occasion de la rentrée scolaire 2023, Léa Clermont-Dion se joint à Emilie pour réfléchir à l'évolution de la culture du viol, tant sur les campus scolaires qu'au cinéma.
Short Cuts
#911 Pierre Don’t Care
Does Pierre Poilievre touting conspiracy theories count as news?
Wag the Doug
#57 Greenbelt: The Movie
Allison and Jonathan look at the ways the Greenbelt story could be told on screen and who’d be best suited to star in it.
#910 Podcasting In Cubaland
What’s it like to podcast in a country where freedom of expression can land you in jail?
Short Cuts
#909 What’s-a Meta with Canadian News?
With Meta making good on its threat to expunge news from Facebook and Instagram, Canada’s publishers and broadcasters pin their hopes on the Competition Bureau to set things right. (We’re doomed?)
The Backbench
#70 The Controversial Carbon Tax
Despite two catastrophic climate emergencies earlier this year, Nova Scotia has faced yet another devastating crisis - intense flash flooding.