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#969 Mulroney: One of Canada’s Most Divisive Prime Ministers
As the obituaries and puff pieces roll in, the Canadian media seems to have forgotten that Brian Mulroney was - in fact - divisive. Correcting the record on “Conservative Titan” Brian Mulroney. 
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#965 The Oliphant in the Room
Liberal MP Rob Oliphant was caught being critical of the Trudeau government’s policy on the Gaza war in a leaked phone call with a constituent.
#964 A Long Shot For Gaza
In Sherbrooke, Quebec, a doctor watches the war in Gaza unfold through photos and videos from his family on the ground.
#32 Yara El-Ghadban : le deuil, mais aussi les rêves
« Le rêve d'une vie meilleure est souvent la seule chose qui survit à la traversée des mers et des frontières. » Un échange sur la littérature, le deuil et l’espoir avec la romancière d’origine palestinienne Yara El-Ghadban.
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#82 Could Canada Be Complicit in a ‘Plausible Genocide’?
The ICJ court ruled that Palestinians in Gaza face a “real and imminent risk” of genocide, and laid out the provisional measures Israel must take in order to prevent it.
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#953 Burning Down the Jewish Deli Is Not Kosher
Canada’s major newspapers take a stance on antisemitic attacks happening in Toronto.
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#76 Israel, Palestine and Canadian Foreign Policy
Why did Canada abstain on an emergency resolution at the UN General Assembly calling for an “immediate, durable and sustained humanitarian truce leading to a cessation of hostilities” in Gaza?
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# 929 Stumbling Through the Fog of War
As the conflict in Gaza and Israel continues to escalate, Pacinthe Mattar sits down with Jonathan to consider the ways in which narratives are shaped, journalists are obstructed, and parameters of discussion get enforced.
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The Worst Week (So Far)
The violence that erupted in Israel and Gaza this past weekend has spawned a hurricane of misinformation.
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#263 A Case For Bad Art
The incredibly controversial painting of Justin Trudeau, François Legault’s problem with anglophone media, and the story about Gaza that CBC disappeared.