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#981 War Torn TikTok
Did we just dodge WW3?
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#969 Mulroney: One of Canada’s Most Divisive Prime Ministers
As the obituaries and puff pieces roll in, the Canadian media seems to have forgotten that Brian Mulroney was - in fact - divisive. Correcting the record on “Conservative Titan” Brian Mulroney. 
The Backbench
#82 Could Canada Be Complicit in a ‘Plausible Genocide’?
The ICJ court ruled that Palestinians in Gaza face a “real and imminent risk” of genocide, and laid out the provisional measures Israel must take in order to prevent it.
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#953 Burning Down the Jewish Deli Is Not Kosher
Canada’s major newspapers take a stance on antisemitic attacks happening in Toronto.
#952 A War In Our Newsrooms
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#947 Rising Hate and Sweet Google Money
Islamophobia and antisemitism are on the rise in Canada - but if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that teenagers becoming radicalized and making homemade bombs is not okay. 
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#945 Blurred Faces and the 24-Hour Frenzy of Shohei Ohtani
With so much going on in the world, how could we possibly cover it all on one Short Cuts? By breaking it up into digestible chunks of varying levels of importance, that’s how!
Is Jesse a Zionist? (editorial)
Canadaland publisher Jesse Brown has been asked to stop talking about antisemitism.
The Backbench
#78 Roots of Tension in Canada’s Israel-Palestine Discourse
In Canada, the political discourse on the news coming out of Israel and Palestine has given Backbench host, Mattea Roach, some “serious whiplash.”
#26 Militer en tant que personne alliée
Quelle est la place des personnes alliées au sein des mouvements sociaux ? Jonathan McPhedran Waitzer se joint à Emilie pour discuter plus particulièrement de son expérience en tant que personne juive qui milite en solidarité avec le peuple palestinien.