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#302 Is The Extreme Right Finished In Canada?
Has the rise of the far-right in Canada been exaggerated?
#300 An Argument With Robyn Doolittle
Major announcement about what's next for Canadaland on this episode.
#80 Chantal Hébert
Does political journalism actually enact change?
#296 Two Centuries of Blackface in Canada
Cheryl Thompson joins to help walk us through Canada’s history with blackface and why this story is not about race. 
#295 Big Media’s Plan To Regulate The Internet
Are we really considering CanCon for the internet?
#294 Vagina Empire
Why are we so bad at talking about women's bodies?
#287 Let’s Get Serious About UFO Journalism
Hear about how journalists have failed when covering mysterious things in the sky. 
Why I’m Done Being a Media Critic
Since I left the Toronto Star last fall, a number of online news sites have asked me to return to media criticism....
#58 An Interview With My Harshest Critic
Joe Clark has been aggressively challenging and sometimes attacking my work for years.