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WORK #8 – Make and Break Harbour
In Newfoundland and Labrador, fishing is more than just an industry or a job. It truly is a way of life. It’s at the core of what has made this place what it is.
#986 Voice Of The Common Man
It’s the biggest media success story you’ve (maybe) never heard of.
WORK #6 – Emptying an Ocean
This isn’t just history. It’s prophecy. It’s a vision of what may come if we continue to ignore the ecological limits of this planet in the pursuit of profit.
The Newfoundlander
The Newfoundlander: Chapter 3
In the final chapter of The Newfoundlander, Justin meets a distant Brake relative of the same age — someone who asked a lot of the same questions he did, but ended up in a very different place.
The Newfoundlander
The Newfoundlander: Chapter 2
Starting in the early 2000s, the federal government allowed for the creation of a new First Nations band in Newfoundland, the Qalipu First Nation. Many people from across the province joined, including Justin Brake and his family. But, did they have a legitimate claim to Indigenous ancestry?
The Newfoundlander
The Newfoundlander: Chapter 1
While at a production of the hit Broadway musical Come From Away in 2019, reporter Justin Brake is confronted with an old story about his family’s history, a story that challenges his sense of identity. He decides to find out what was true in that story, and what was false.
#42 Coasts With The Mosts
Why does Trudeau want an underwater tunnel to Newfoundland? Who has the biggest battle in British Columbia? OPPO goes east and west for an election view from Canada's edges. 
#30 The Best And Worst Election Ads So Far
Grab a bowl of all-dressed Ruffles and settle in for this review of the first run of federal election ads. Then, a look at what the Green Wave means for Canada. Finally, a recap of the election in Jesse Brown's favourite province: Newfoundland and Labrador.