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Wag the Doug
#58 Roll Up for the Mr. X Tour
With his polls diving, housing minister resigning, and ill-begotten Greenbelt scheme unravelling, what’s a Doug Ford to do? Why, talk about anything else, of course!
Wag the Doug
#52 The Douggie Awards: Recognizing Stag & Does, The Greenbelt and That Rogue Bee
It’s every-Ford everywhere all at once, as we celebrate the year’s most absurd and distressing developments in Ontario politics.
Wag the Doug
#49 For Whom the Greenbelt Tolls
Allison and Jonathan look at who benefits from dismantling the Greenbelt and then trade fav findings from the latest Auditor General’s report.
#7 Option nucléaire
Le calcul politique de Doug Ford se retourne contre lui alors que les Ontarien.nes démontrent leur soutien aux travailleurs et travailleuses de l'éducation suite à la tentative du gouvernement provincial d'empêcher une grève historique. Puis quelle est la conversation entourant le bilinguisme au Nouveau-Brunswick suite à la nomination controversée de Kris Austin au Comité de révision de la Loi sur les langues officielles ? Emilie Nicolas anime cet épisode de Détours avec Stéphanie Chouinard.
Wag the Doug
#48 CUPE Ki Yay, MotherFORDer!
This week, Doug Ford learned that while it’s stunningly easy to toss out constitutional rights, it’s a heck of a lot harder to get away with that.
Wag the Doug
#47 The Power of the Doug
With electricity demand set to rise and Pickering’s nuclear plant set to close, Doug Ford’s government is now scrambling to keep the province’s lights on.
#2 La chimère canadienne
Devenir propriétaire d’une maison n'est rien d'autre qu'une chimère pour des canadiens à travers le pays. Et qu’est-ce qui s’est passé avec la couverture médiatique de l’élection ontarienne ? Emilie Nicolas anime cet épisode de Détours avec Émilie Gougeon Pelletier. English: Owning a home is nothing short of a pipe dream for Canadians across the country. And what happened with the media coverage of the Ontario election? Emilie Nicolas hosts this episode of Détours with Émilie Gougeon Pelletier. 
Short Cuts
#783 Doug Ford Because We Hate Ourselves
A glowing opinion piece about Doug Ford has us wondering how he miraculously overturned his sinking approval ratings. And why Jesse can't report on the Online News Act anymore. Stephen Maher co-hosts. 
Wag the Doug
#31 Ghosts of Ontario Place: Past, Present, Future
Opened in 1971, Ontario Place was an idealistic effort to celebrate and cement a provincial identity. Fifty years later, and having been left to rot, it’s about to be carved up and privatized by the Doug Ford government.
Wag the Doug
#4 Live From Ford Fest!
We visit Ford Fest, where people wait for burgers and juice boxes in the dark as a white supremacist takes a selfie with the premier.