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NOT SORRY: Scooby Doo Villain Godfrey
Monday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day in America so naturally Canadians spent the day talking about a white lady. Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau was so...
#118 The Collapse Of Postmedia
Last week, Postmedia laid off 90 journalists from newsrooms across Canada, months after absorbing the Sun newspaper chain. What if a slow, painful death was the plan all along? The National Observer's Bruce Livesey weighs in on the implosion of Postmedia.
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#54 Canada is Hip and Sophie Trudeau is a Disney Princess
Omar Mouallem discusses Canada's new hip status, Vancity Buzz's release of an unblurred photo leaked from police and job cuts at Postmedia.
Postmedia Axes 90 Journalists, Merges Newsrooms Across The Country: Memo
About ninety journalists have been cut from the Postmedia chain across the country, according to a memo from CEO Paul Godfrey. In Ottawa, Vancouver,...
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#53 Peacekeeper Arms Dealer
Naitonal Post's Jen Gerson talks about cuts at Postmedia, Canada's arms deal with Saudi Arabia and journalists changing industries.
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#46 Canadian News Hall of Fame/Mansbridge’s Wedding Package/Whiny Telecom
Buzzfeed Canada's social news editor Lauren Strapagiel discusses the fabled Canadian News Hall of Fame, Peter Mansbridge's exclusive access to Trudeau, and Bell's pleas to eradicate fairness and restore oligopoly.
Why Did 8 Million People Fail To Vote?
This election, journalists in Canada got distracted. Political spinmeisters set the agenda, and many journalists followed. Covering polls and PR...
Postmedia Told Edmonton Journal to Endorse Jim Prentice, Says Edmonton Journal
Their recent performance in office and at the hustings subject to widespread media and voter skepticism, incumbent Premier Jim Prentice and the...
PostMedia Kills Cartoon & Gags Staff on SUN Deal
#45 Dan Riskin On Science In The Media
How is the press supposed to cover science in a country where the government stifles research that conflicts with its policies?