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Isolation Interview: Robert Jago
“I have been obsessed with virtual reality”
#218 Robert Jago: Decolonizing Canada In His Spare Time
After ending the campaigns of several Tory candidates with his muckraking during the 2015 federal election, Macleans dubbed Robert Jago, “the most dangerous blogger in Canada”. The next year, Jago broke the Joseph Boyden scandal, and this past January he exposed Senator Lynn Beyak for publishing racist letters on her website, which resulted in her ousting from the conservative caucus. Jago has quickly risen as an incisive, evocative voice in Canadian media. He’s a regular contributor to The Walrus and CANADALAND — but he says he doesn’t plan on giving up his day job anytime soon. So. Who is this guy? Robert Jago joins Jesse. — This episode of CANADALAND is brought to you by Endy.