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Isolation Interview: Shad
"I've been watching old NBA games and breaking them down on Instagram Live."
#297 Shad’s Hip-Hop Evolution
Shad's Hip-Hop Evolution is an incredible piece of journalism that nobody is talking about.
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#157 The Haunted Dungeon Of Q
Has Tom Power gotten an easy ride? Facebook finds a new way to manipulate the news. And with so many awful people on Twitter, how are they choosing who to ban?
#74 Shad
The new host of CBC's Q talks about what he'll change post-Ghomeshi, and what he won't.
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#50 Media B&E In San Bernardino/Bill 59/Bad For Shad
National Post writer and editor Jen Gerson on the ethics of reporting from the San Bernardino shooters' apartment, Bill 59, and Simon Houpt's critique of Shad.