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Short Cuts
#16 CRTC vs TV/is C-51 a Feint?
Novelist and Orphan Black writer Lynn Coady on the new CanCon rules and on the Conservative's barrage of extreme, divisive, distracting sound bites.
Defending Leslie Merklinger
Denis McGrath is a veteran Canadian television screenwriter whose work includes episodes of Showcase's Continuum and CBC's InSecurity and Republic of...
#57 Mark McKinney
How on Earth did The Kids in the Hall even happen?
The Smug Dick letters
Two gentlemen debate the future of Canadian TV
#48 Free Money For Being Old: A Guide To The Netflix Tax
The CBC, Ontario and Quebec say they want to tax Netflix to pay for CanCon TV. The Harper government says there will be no Neflix tax as long as they remain in power. They're all full of it. A Netflix tax is impossible. Journalist Steve Faguy explains why.
Fear and Loathing in Canadian Television
Cartoon Sweatshop
#44 Cartoon Sweatshop
Canada produces top animation talent but lousy animation content.
MuchMusic isn’t dead, but we should probably kill it
#42 MuchMusic Isn’t Dead, But We Should Probably Kill It
MuchMusic and dozens of other specialty channels collect millions of dollars a year from subscribers who didn't ask for them and don't watch them. Meanwhile, channels are laying off their staffs and producing less meaningful content than ever. Is it time to cut the cord on the protected cable business?