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#952 A War In Our Newsrooms
#780 Medusa
Operation Medusa has become the most celebrated battle in recent Canadian history. It was hailed as a stroke of military genius that may have vanquished the Taliban once and for all. But that was never the whole story.
WAR #3 – Tarnak Farms
All of a sudden, they see a blast, and chaos surrounds them. What happens next would change their lives—and the Canadian military—forever.
WAR #2 – Lords of War
In the months after 9/11, Canadian special forces were participating in secret operations at the behest of some of the most sinister men in Afghanistan.
Short Cuts
#769 The Ukraine War Correspondent In Edmonton
Fact-checking the war in Ukraine. And the ‘Pay Me for Clickbait Act’ - sorry, the ‘Online News Act.’ Olena Goncharova co-hosts.
WAR #1 – Last Plane Out of Kabul
The true story of the end of one of the forever wars through the eyes of the people who were there.
Introducing our new season… War
The war stories that Canada wants you to forget
The Backbench
#25 Contradictions In Conflict
As the war in Ukraine escalates and Canadian leaders head to Europe, we assess the economic and military responses so far. And despite fully grasping the severity of Russian aggression, we want to know: Why does Canada's response to conflict vary so much depending on the country? This week's contributors: Drew Brown, Caroline Elliott, Jaskaran Sandhu
How Ukrainians Overcame Russian Disinformation
And what Canada could learn from that
#760 Russia’s Weapons Of Mass Deception
Before there was an invasion in Ukraine, there was an information war. A deep-dive into the inner workings of Russia's information chaos machine.