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The Campaign to End NDAs

Law professor Julie Macfarlane wants legislation to limit the use of nondisclosure agreements as an all-purpose muzzle

No Horse Races, No Polls

Why The Backbench is a different kind of politics show

“It would be nice to feel more than like a cash cow”

Canada’s postsecondary schools have become increasingly reliant on international students but have few incentives to support their success

“I think it’s going to be very different”

Laura Robinson on how an upcoming hearing into the RCMP’s investigation of allegations against John Furlong will be playing out in a new social context

Reckoning and Upheaval at Ryerson’s J-School

What happened when longstanding tensions finally came to the surface

Taxi drivers: “Chess masters of their own lives”

A new book considers the “practical genius” of Canada’s cabbies

All Our 2020 Corrections And Clarifications

Gathered together in one helpful place!

Canadaland’s 2020 Transparency Report

Here’s how we spent our supporters’ money last year

How the NYT pushed Canada to confront one of its biggest tech companies

A sex-worker advocate puts the Pornhub “hysteria” in context

A glimpse into a local-news content factory

“You were encouraged to talk to the least amount of people as possible” when reporting a story, says a former Black Press journalist