The strange claims of Steven Newmaster
The strange claims of Steven Newmaster

And why the University of Guelph appears indifferent to allegations against its star professor

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#791 Imperfect Behaviour
A scandal in Canada's sacred sport. And can journalists do more to unpack the crypto craze and crash? Emilie Nicolas fills in for Jesse and Julian McKenzie co-hosts.
June 23, 2022
WAR #7 – The Long, Slow Death
Stuart Langridge was a model soldier. But when he ended his life after returning from Afghanistan, his parents began to ask questions about what had happened to their son. Instead of giving them answers, the Canadian military went to war against them.
June 22, 2022
#40 Justinflation Or Chrystia Frecession
What is happening to the Canadian economy? Stephen Gordon, director of the department of economics at Université Laval, helps unpack the ins and outs of the Bank of Canada, an institution we know little about. He talks to Fatima about the worries of a hyper-politicized economy and helps us understand how the next months under this economic turmoil will unfold.
June 21, 2022

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