Newspapers Used to be Pretty Wild
Newspapers Used to be Pretty Wild

In most respects, the media has greatly evolved in the past 100 years. But in some respects, it hasn’t.

Latest Podcast Episodes

#65 Ctrl+Alt+Regulate: Can Canada’s AI Act Save Us?
This week Riley Yesno, our interim host, is joined by Meagan Simpson, Nicholas Keung, and longtime panelist David Moscrop to talk AI regulation and economic immigration. 
May 30, 2023
#888 How To Save News Media From Our Tech Overlords
The ad tech giants, Meta, Google, and their ilk, are, well, giants. Is Cory Doctorow the David to this Goliath? Will his plan to take down the giants work?
May 29, 2023
#887 What, Me Inquiry?
The Special Rapporteur is back with a hotly anticipated release - No Public Inquiry!
May 25, 2023

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