Let’s Talk About How Bell Fired Me After I Asked For Mental-Health Leave

Bell talks about ending the stigma surrounding mental illness. But when I needed time off to deal with my mental health, a Bell radio station fired me.

Today, a giant Canadian company is doing a wonderful thing for mental health awareness. The hashtag #BellLetsTalk will be used a record-setting number of times and will raise a record-setting amount of money. Tomorrow, praise will rain down on Bell for their record-setting generosity, and all I’ll be able to think about is how Bell responded to my mental health needs when they were my employer. They fired me.

Since the New Year, something in me was off, I wasn’t myself. I was depressed, and to me it didn’t make sense, at all. Life was good, wonderful actually, but I was struggling. For two years, I’ve been taking medication to assist with my conditions of depression and anxiety, but I hadn’t had a flare up like this in more than a year. I was miserable and scared of not being able to act like everything was okay, so I went to see my doctor.

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