The Best And Worst Tweets Of 2017
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The Best And Worst Tweets Of 2017

We're not saying which are which

In chronological order, these were the best and worst (English-Canadian-media-and-adjacent) tweets of the year:

Tweet from @calummarsh: "FWIW I'd never heard the name Colby Cosh in my life before yesterday afternoon and apparently we work at the same newspaper."

January 30 tweet from @nestruck to @ladurantaye: "You don't seem to understand that you represent a major public institution now." Tweet from @ladurantaye in reply: "I got a pretty good handle on it, actually."

Tweet from @EmojiMovie: "Blessed be the Emoji. #EmojiMovie" with image of smiling emoji superimposed over poster for The Handmaid's Tale, retitled "The Emoji's Tale."

@AshleyCsanady tweet: "Even IF you accept premise CBC Opinion is right-wing, maybe that's a good thing given left-leaning slant of most of Mother Corp's content?"

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